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May 3, 2008

Travelling ICT training…

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Sounds like the the E-tuk tuk went so well in Sri Lanka that UNESCO is working to launch similar projects. Here is a new press release about the “Mobile CMS”  for the Caribbean. This time it’s housed in a bright yellow converted shipping container, and will be rolling out in Jamaica:

The Mobile CMC called iSt. Lab, which is abbreviation for “High Street Laboratory”, is a mini high-tech mobile unit configured in a garbage disposal wheeled bin consisting of laptop computers, radio transmitter, electronic community newspaper, wireless Internet access and other peripherals.

The goal for the iSt. Lab is to move across the Island to inner-city, rural and otherwise marginalised communities delivering a myriad of creative multimedia workshops to people who have never used a computer before and also those who want to increase their skills in using ICT to support their personal and community development.


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