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February 7, 2009

More on Google

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As a follow up on the article on Google, I also found an article on how both Google and Amazon are putting more books on cellphones.  Google announced that 1.5 million books could now be accessed through cellphones.  From a development standpoint, this allows books that were once only found in large and expensive libraries to now be brought directly to the fingertips of anyone in a developing country.  However, if this does take off and become the new way for developing countries to access information, is it scary that companies like Google and Amazon have the power to decide what books and information will be provided to these countries and what will not?



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  1. Further to this discussion regarding e-books, here is an op-ed article discussing why e-books will be the future for the publishing industry:


    I am not quite sure I agree with everything said in this article–while a completely electronic future seems unavoidable (and not necessarily bad especially given the environmentally sustainable and potentially more affordable and convenient nature of products such as Amazon’s Kindle) is it true that the shorter, more colorful content resulting from the medium shift will really entice the e-generation into reading? If today’s youth mainly focuses on social networks such as facebook which involve lots of information about different actors that is constantly being updated and provided to the participant with little requirement of any form of commitment, is it realistic to expect that if the information is made available on their portable devices then they will be more willing to make a commitment to something which requires a longer term of attention? Or is it possible that easy access to information made available by devices like the Kindle will in fact create a system which more emulates that of iTunes, whereby purchases are cheap and easy and users can share with other users, creating more of a network model of providers, buyers and sharers? And what does this mean for the newspaper industry? Can something like the Kindle save newspapers when print becomes obsolete and a thing of the past?

    Comment by Amanda — February 8, 2009 @ 6:02 pm | Reply

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